Traceback Errors in Blender Console

This is an error very deep inside Avastar. It is reported back in a very technical layout. (click to zoom in)

Some errors are already classified by Avastar (here it found an Export Error)

Once in a while you get something like shown in the images above. The good news: You made nothing wrong, it is our fault.

What you see here is an error that happened deep inside the Avastar program. The program simply could not do what the programmer wanted it to do, so Avastar made a full stop and sent a report to the error console. This report is also named Traceback.

But you do not have to be worried. This Traceback is not for you, it is for the developers. All you have to do is report this issue to us by opening a new ticket on our support website. And please take this seriously! This sort of error should never happen, so …


We really want to know about Tracebacks. Always!

  • Open a new support Ticket
  • If you know how to open the blender console, you can cut/paste the Traceback from the console into the ticket text
  • Otherwise just make a screenshot of the Traceback.

Hint: If the Traceback is very long, we only are interested in the lower part of it (the last 10-20 lines).

What we learn from a Traceback

Take a look a the first screenshot above. You read it from bottom to top. And to begin with: ignore the line telling about unknown location. That is actually not relevant for us.

The most important information can be found in the second last line:

Name Error: name ‘mesh_vertex_count’ is not defined

This error already tells what went wrong. The developer will immediately know what to fix. Now the only important thing is :where to fix it? And that is told in the line further up. That is:

The error happened in line 1621, in function set_bone_parent() in file

And when we step further up we can see from where that function was called, and stepping further up we can see which path Avastar followed to get to the error. The developer normally is happy with this information and can fix it quickly…

All you need to do is: report it to us! We won’t find this error otherwise.