Rig Update Tool

The Rig Converter is used for upgrading the rig to a newer version or for switching a rig from Classic to Bento. However this tool is mostly used for keeping your Rigs up to date. The tool is located in the Rig Converter Panel. It shows up when you active Object is an Armature. Depending on the Armature type the panel may have different looks. Following scenarios are supported

The Transfer scenarios

  • Update your older Avastar projects to use the newest Avastar version.
  • Convert a project that was made for the simple SL Rig (like for example the Avatar Workbench or avatar.blend)
  • Import Developerkits (SDK’s) which are delivered as Collada files
  • Copy Information From one Rig to another
This tool is not easy to use and you need a bit of patience to get it to work for your particular situation. Below you find a brief description of its features.

Preparations before updating a rig

Before you use the update tool, we recommend that you take care about the following things:

  • Always(!) make a backup of your blendfile
  • Make sure your rig is in restpose
  • Make sure your active action has no keyframes
  • Always first try to not use the snowflake icon (see further down). Only when your rig deforms during the update, press CTRL-Z and try again with the snow flake icon enabled
  • If ever possible set the sliders to white stickman mode before you do the update

If you can not set your rig as recommended above, then you might need to do this:

  • Downgrade Avastar back to your previous version
  • set the rig according to the recommendations:
    • set the rig to restpose
    • empty the active action
    • set the sliders to the white stickman mode
  • Store the blend file
  • Update Avastar to the newer release
  • Do the Rig update

If this still fails, then please talk to us.

Scenario Details


Migrate Rig to newest version When you open a Blend file that contains an older version of an Avastar Armature, then Avastar checks if the older rig is compatible with the current Avastar version. If Avastar detects an incompatibility then it first tries to adjust the rig to match with the current A...


Convert foreign rig to Avastar When converting a foreign Rig to Avastar the Rig Transfer Tool shows a different set of conversion options. Please make sure you have selected the rig in Object mode! In detail you now can specify: Source Rig type (Typically SL) Target Rig style (Basic or Extended) Joi...