This is Blender’s menu for importing and exporting various types of data including meshes, armatures and animations. Avastar adds an Exporter for Collada and a couple of importers for SL Shapes, SL BVH Animations and SL Rigs.

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Export Collada (Avastar)

Export as Collada  ...
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Import Shape

Secondlife supports the export of custom Avatar Shapes as Data files in XML(*) Format. The Shape Importer converts those data files into Avastar Appearance Slider configurations....
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Import SL-Animation

SL Animation Importer(BVH) A simple file importer for SL Animation files using the BVH format. The animations must have been made for Secondlife and they must contain a reference pose in the first frame. Otherwise the importer does not work as expected. You find the Importer here: File - Import - SL...