About this Document...


  • Create a Basic mesh character
  • Import a Mesh to your online world.
This guide is focused on creating content for Second Life, but it also works for other online worlds like OpenSim.

The first Video (above):

  • Create a Character.
  • Use the Shape sliders.
  • Use the Collada Exporter.

The second video (further down):

  • Use the SL Importer for Upload

What does Avastar provide?

Avastar basically supports the creation of animatable Models (Avatars&attachments) and the creation of animations. Therefore the tool adds various functions and user interface elements to Blender.

The full functionality of Avastar can be a bit overwhelming on first sight. You should be prepared to spend some time and patience to get it all working nicely for your projects.

What does this Document provide?

This document is a quick start into Avastar. You should get comfortable with the tool within a very short time. In this section you will learn how to prepare Avastar for your work on attachments, custom characters and custom animations.

However this article only scratches the surface of Avastar’s feature set, so there is a lot more to detect and we invite you to make your own experiences as well.

We expect that you have basic knowledge about Blender.