Convert from Any restpose to T-Pose

This workflow applies to Rigs which have a restpose different from the SL restpose. Note: It is not strictly necessary to convert your rig into a T-Pose. Avastar supports binding to arbitrary poses since a while. Basically this is an on the fly conversion from any restpose to T-Pose when exporting the Rig for SL.

However, if you want to convert your Rig into a T-Pose Rig, then you can proceed as follows:

Step 1: Create a matching Armature for your mesh

Bind your Mesh to the A Posed Rig. If you do not have an A pose rig at hand, then you can watch the video aside orĀ  read the document:

Rig to Any Pose
Note: If your mesh is already rigged to an A posed armature, then proceed to the step 2.

Step 2: pose your rig into T pose

  • Select your Rig in Pose mode
  • Pose your rig so that it is aligned to a T pose

Tip: Create an Avastar (only rig) as guideline to get your pose to match to the T Pose

Step 3: Apply the Armature Modifier

  • Select your Mesh (in Object mode)
  • Open the Object Modifier Stack (properties editor)
  • Locate the Armature modifier
  • Apply the Modifier

step 4: Clean up the scene

  • Open the Outliner
  • Select the A Pose Armature
  • RMB (right mouse) select hierarchy
  • In the 3D Viewport ‘X’ -> Delete

Step 5: Create a new Avastar Rig only

If you already have added a rig as i proposed in Step 2 , then proceed to the next step

Otherwise create a new Avastar Rig only

Step 6: Bind your mesh to the Rig

Bind your mesh to the T Posed rig as usual