The Maintenance Panel

The Maintenance Panel allows you to quickly see which products you have installed. You can check for product updates, download and install a new product version, create Tickets.

The My Products Section

Here you find all installed and enabled Products from Machinimatrix. You see the product name and the installed product version.

The My Account Section

If you have an account on the Machinimatrix Website then you can setup your login information here. This will allow you to update your installation right out of Blender (see below)


Keep Credentials

When you enable the option Keep Credentials then Avastar stores your userid and password into a property file in the Add-on installation folder on your computer. If you disable this option then your user data is only stored in the active Blender session. In that case the entries are reset to empty fields as soon as you open a new file or restart Blender.

Check for Updates, Download and Install…

Avastar does not support an automatic update check. However it supports a manual check at the bottom of the Maintenance Panel. Please note: This works best when you have an account on the Machinimatrix website and when you have added your login user and password as described above in the previous chapter.

Before you check for updates Avastar reports State Unknown


When you are up to date then all is well, nothing more to do. Of course you can again check for updates…


If Avastar detected that your installed Version is out of date, then it offers you to download the newest product version. It also tells you from which server it tries to download. Click the button to start the download…


Important: We only have one single download server If you see anything different here, please report this to us as soon as possible.

After you have downloaded the newest product version you now can install the product. Click to install the product update…


After installing the Add-on must be restarted. However the Add-on restart sometimes does not work. In that case you need to restart Blender to see your updated product.