Disclaimer: This section summarizes issues and solutions for known Developerkits. If you got into trouble with your attachment, then this may be a good starting point. However there is no guarantee that the information is current. Developerkits may change over time. So if you find that a tip here no longer applies, please tell us about your finds.

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Maitreya Maitreya comes with a ready made Blend file that contains an Avastar rig. However this rig was made with Avastar-2.0 and it is not compatible with newer versions of Avastar. Here is how to update your Rig to the newest Avastar version. If you have already created mesh attachments then just ...


The MeshBody Project comes with their own blendfiles (using Avastar Rigs). If you find any issues with their products, then please contact them directly. Here is their support page:    ...