Before you start

If you are very new to Blender, or do not understand the terms, then this video may be helpful. Take your time and keep patient!

The Cheat Sheet

  1. Startup Blender.
  2. 3D-View: add -> Avastar
  3. Toolshelf: Avastar -> Avatar Appearance
  4. Shape your character with the SL Sliders.
  5. Toolshelf: Export your character
  6. SL: Import the model.

Some useful Hints

  • Is Avastar installed?
  • Get started with Blender?
  • Check Blender’s Help section.
  • Find online docu: RMB -> Online Manual.
  • In SL: Create a new Shape.
    This Shape matches with Avastar’s default shape (female).
  • The gender setting is supported as well.
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