Kit Creators

If you are a Developerkit creator, then this set of pages is for you. We give you a short overview of how a Developer kit is supported from within Avasar and we show you how you can adjust your Developer kit for best usage by attachment creators.

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Intro for creators

Developer kits Intro This is a short introduction mainly aimed at Developer kit creators who are not familiar with Blender and Avastar but want to prepare their Developer kit so that it can be used most efficiently from within Blender/Avastar. Before you even begin So you are a developerkit creator ...
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Create Developer kits

Create my own Developer kit Abstract In this document we describe a practical approach to prepare a modelĀ  for usage in Secondlife and how to create a Developer kit for this model. We will begin with a Mesh model which is initially in a somewhat unfortunate state, a situation that might happen whil...


Support You have created a Developer kit for your product and you want your Developer kit to be usable by Avastar? Here is how we can support you with that: We help you to define the needed sources. We help you to integrate your Developer kit to Avastar. We offer Avastar related support to your [&he...
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