Avastar-3 Changelogs

Note: For a full list of changes in older Avastar releases please visit the legacy Websites:

What the abbreviations and color codes mean:


  • New: New feature – Please report back if it works well
  • Imp: Improved feature – please report back if it really improves
  • Fix: Bugfix – Please report back if this solved the issue
  • Cleanup: very minor changes (for example: fixing typos in the user interface)

Bold face: Significant change

Green: No major issues known
Blue: Can be used, has known issues which have been fixed in a newer version
Red: Please do not use this revision, we recommend to upgrade to newer version
Orange: Instable version

Avastar-for-Blender-3.1 (2022-jul-15)

coming soon …

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-10 (2022-jan-15)

  • Fix: The retarget tool attempts to create fcurves for all bones
  • Fix: Avastar exporter ends with tracedump when there are no hidden objects in the scene
  • Fix: Bone colorization when using bone mapper
  • Imp: Make retarget tool more stable and faster

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-8 (2022-jan-15)

  • New: option for Retarget to (COG|Origin) root bone (to avoid floating avatars)
    Fix: Added missing Hand structure bones to retarget maps (broke Bento animation imports)

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-7 (2022-jan-11)

  • Fix: (very important) Avastar now creates correct bindings for native models (made with Avastar) and imported models (from developerkit manager)
  • Fix: (important)Avamesh now has the option “use bind pose” enabled by default to make sure the hands keep nice
  • Fix: (minor) Importing an animation without animation data creates a trace dump
  • Fix: (minor) creating a rig when importing an animation reports wrong context
    Fix: Export works again after fixing the broken Documentation module

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-5 (2022-jan-05)

  • Clean up Weight copy panel and make it more intuitive
  • Fix: active weightmap is not preserved after weight copy
  • Allow to make a weight copy ‘to selected verts only’ even when the target object is not in edit mode
  • Imp: make sure that all object select states are preserved when doing a weight copy
  • Imp: clarify labels in weight copy tool
  • New: added orange warning dot for user interface (weight copy tool)
  • Fix: Weight Copy did not take care of Modifiers
  • Optimized Maintenance panel. Removed login section for security reasons
  • Fix: Export meshes even when armature is in a disabled collection
  • Fix: When rebinding with use as bindpose, the bind_mat data (bone properties) must be adjusted accordingly, otherwise we get distortions on upload to SL
  • Fix: fitting preset now uses the set of deform bones instead of basic bones and volume bones
  • Imp: Reorganize the Binding Panel
  • Imp: Add back the clear bone weights operator button
  • Imp: use the collada importer bone chain finder to prepare a rig for the developerkit manager
  • Fix: propagate bone roll from collada to avastar (when using developerkit manager)
  • Fix: Hand structure bones are not set correct when using bind pose
  • Fix: When moving the sliders in the fitting panel, the armature changes its mode from POSE to OBJECT
  • Fix:Document baselink is sometimes added twice, resulting in broken links to document site
  • Fix: changed schema of documentation link from http to https
  • Fix: eye targets can not be moved by default
  • New: Added simple rig to mesh converter (wip)
  • New: Added more properties for to be used in action names (for animation exporter)

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93 (2021-nov-01)

  • Cleanup: adjust templates versions to avastar 2.93
  • Change From Machinimatrix to Avalab
  • Retarget: Do not add any translation to bones during animation transfer. this should be coupled with the ‘use translation’ option
  • Retarget: Reference location added with wrong sign ? Odd bug… needs to be checked