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Avastar 2.93 – Features

New/Improved Features

Details to be added:

  • Added support for Blender 2.93
  • Allow exporting with hidden Armature
  • Copy bone weights from other meshes is now a lot faster
  • Copy weights now allows to select target bones
  • Optionally add smoothing weights after copy from meshes
  • Added back shortcuts for copy from rigged and copy from selected
  • Added support for retarget mixamo rigs (experimental)
  • The Fitting Panel (Volume bone weighting) is now disabled by default
  • New Addon for enhanced Documentation
  • New option to enable/disable simplify when exporting to .anim
  • Add enable/disable bone constraints into the Rig Display Panel
  • The Avastar Theme is now more colorful

We also have a complete Release Changelog