Avastar Preferences

The Avastar Preferences Button is actually a shortcut to the Avastar Add-on Preferences where you can setup the Avastar Add-on parameters. Normally you do not want to change anything here. However especially if you are a long time user or someone who knows much about Blender, then you possibly can make Avastar work better for you by adjusting the options in that panel.

The Add-on preferences contain various customization parameters for setting up the Avastar User Interface. You get to the Add-on preferences page as follows:

  • Open the Workflows Panel in the Avastar vertical tab
  • Click the Avastar Preferences

Right after you clicked on the Avastar Preferences button a new Panel appears in a popup window (see below). There you can modify the Avastar settings. Please read the tool tips for further explanations of the parameters.

The Add-on Preferences Popup

The Addon Preferences panel contains quiet a few settings for adjusting Avastar to your personal needs. All preferences have been documented by using long tool tips and additional information right beside each section. Just hover over a specific element to see what it is about.

The Addon general settings

The Main Addon Section is similar for all Addons.

  • Report a Bug: Link to our support info page
  • Remove: To remove the Addon permanently

The Links

  • Avastar Release Info
  • Avastar Reference Guides
  • Avastar Support page

The General Settings

A Variety of Settings all over the Place in Avastar. Detailed information is in the Hover texts.

Note: The option Enable Advanced Rig Options is by default unchecked.  This is an experimental feature. Please read the following article for further information:

Aligned Rigs

Debug Settings

Important: Please change these options only when requested. You can break things here when you do it on your own!

Character Definitions

Here you can add your own Avastar Rig Presets. You find your presets later in the Menu

Add -> Avastar -> …

Note: the Align Bone Axes option refers to an experimental feature. Please read this knowledge article for further information:

Aligned Rigs

Developerkit Configurations

This is the Panel where you configure developerkits. Please keep in mind:

  • We do not distribute Developerkits
  • Please use only official Developerkits from the Creator
  • Developerkits should provide Collada files (dae)
  • Developerkits that ship with Avastar Armatures must(!) be updated with each published Avastar release. This should be done by the Developerkit creator.

Remind: We strongly recommend that Developerkits come with proper SL compatible Collada Files.

User Credentials

Only applies when you have an account on the Machinimatrix website. Here you can make your credentials persist any restart of Blender.

Note: The credentials are only stored on your local computer. You are safe to ship your blend files, they do not contain the credentials

Panel Visibility

  • Show Collada Panel (in the Tool shelf)
  • Define location of the Appearance Panel
  • Addon Complexity of user interface

Collada export Options

  • image type only affects generated images
  • Use that image type for every exported image
  • Use RGBA adds image transparency channel
  • Precision to be used when exporting Collada Data
    default:0 (no precision limit)

Note: You want to avoid having an Alpha channel in your images due to issues with Alpha Textures (Alpha sorting problem) in SL

Logging Configuration


You normally do not want to change the settings here. The various selections control how much information is passed to the Blender Console Window.

Use only when requested.