Getting started with 3D

You are new to Character creation? Or you never worked with Blender before? Or it is your first time to work with Avastar?

Then please take the time and check out the videos below.  At the end you will save a lot of time while stepping deeper into the topic.

For Blender Newbies

Most recommended: The Blender Basis Course from CGCOOKIE.

Note: CGCOOKIE is one of the better learning plattforms for Blender. We highly recommend to at least watch the Basis course.

For Avastar Newbies

You also should at least glimpse over the Avastar newbie Video before you dive deeper into Avastar.

New to Blender?

First steps in Blender

This informative video is about some of the most common pitfalls and how to get out of them once you apparently stepped out of your comfort zone

CG cookies tutorials

cgcookies has free tutorials but also provides a paid subscription. Good for the enthusiasts who really want to learn Blender from the ground up.

Tip: They have many free courses, but you might decide it’s worth subscribing as their paid content is also very well done

Go to the Blender Courses

Agenzasbrothers Tutorials auf Deutsch

Comprehensive set of tutorials for blender in german language:



New to Modelling?

Create a Mesh Clone

This tool is included in Avastar. You can create a fully functional SL Avatar clone with 2 mouse clicks.

Note, the character is CC-BY3 (owner is Linden Lab) which means it can be reused for free, but you can not put any sort of private license on it. You are allowed to modify, upload to SL and resell this character in SL.

Use the MakeHuman Tool

A tool for creating human characters. Open Source, characters can be reused in any other virtual world for any purpose (including commercial reselling)

New to Avastar? The Essential Tutorials

Watch at least once:

Get Help

A few quick tips where you can find help for Avastar


First Steps
  • Create a Basic mesh character
  • Import a Mesh to your online world.


SL Shapes
  • Export a Shape from Second Life.
  • Import a Shape to Blender.
  • Export the Mesh to Collada.
  • Import the Mesh to Second Life.


  • Avastar Templates
  • Targetless IK
  • Keyframes
  • Export an animation


  • Basics of Attachments
  • Skinning fundamentals
  • Weight Maps
  • Weight Inspection tools



Here is how to create your first Animation using Avastar. I assume that you have a bit of experience with Blender. We will do a three frame animation

Weighting and such

Weight Painting for beginners

What next?

We recommend that you start reading the First Steps Document from our Essential documentation.