Avastar-2 Changelogs

Note: For changes in Avastar-1 please visit the Avastar-1 changelogs page.

What the abbreviations and color codes mean:


  • New: New feature – Please report back if it works well
  • Imp: Improved feature – please report back if it really improves
  • Fix: Bugfix – Please report back if this solved the issue
  • Cleanup: very minor changes (for example: fixing typos in the user interface)

Bold face: Significant change

Green: No major issues known
Blue: Can be used, has known issues which have been fixed in a newer version
Red: Please do not use this revision, we recommend to upgrade to newer version
Orange: Instable version

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-10 (2022-jan-15)

  • Fix: The retarget tool attempts to create fcurves for all bones
  • Fix: Avastar exporter ends with tracedump when there are no hidden objects in the scene
  • Fix: Bone colorization when using bone mapper
  • Imp: Make retarget tool more stable and faster

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-8 (2022-jan-15)

  • New: option for Retarget to (COG|Origin) root bone (to avoid floating avatars)
    Fix: Added missing Hand structure bones to retarget maps (broke Bento animation imports)

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-7 (2022-jan-11)

  • Fix: (very important) Avastar now creates correct bindings for native models (made with Avastar) and imported models (from developerkit manager)
  • Fix: (important)Avamesh now has the option “use bind pose” enabled by default to make sure the hands keep nice
  • Fix: (minor) Importing an animation without animation data creates a trace dump
  • Fix: (minor) creating a rig when importing an animation reports wrong context
    Fix: Export works again after fixing the broken Documentation module

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93-5 (2022-jan-05)

  • Clean up Weight copy panel and make it more intuitive
  • Fix: active weightmap is not preserved after weight copy
  • Allow to make a weight copy ‘to selected verts only’ even when the target object is not in edit mode
  • Imp: make sure that all object select states are preserved when doing a weight copy
  • Imp: clarify labels in weight copy tool
  • New: added orange warning dot for user interface (weight copy tool)
  • Fix: Weight Copy did not take care of Modifiers
  • Optimized Maintenance panel. Removed login section for security reasons
  • Fix: Export meshes even when armature is in a disabled collection
  • Fix: When rebinding with use as bindpose, the bind_mat data (bone properties) must be adjusted accordingly, otherwise we get distortions on upload to SL
  • Fix: fitting preset now uses the set of deform bones instead of basic bones and volume bones
  • Imp: Reorganize the Binding Panel
  • Imp: Add back the clear bone weights operator button
  • Imp: use the collada importer bone chain finder to prepare a rig for the developerkit manager
  • Fix: propagate bone roll from collada to avastar (when using developerkit manager)
  • Fix: Hand structure bones are not set correct when using bind pose
  • Fix: When moving the sliders in the fitting panel, the armature changes its mode from POSE to OBJECT
  • Fix:Document baselink is sometimes added twice, resulting in broken links to document site
  • Fix: changed schema of documentation link from http to https
  • Fix: eye targets can not be moved by default
  • New: Added simple rig to mesh converter (wip)
  • New: Added more properties for to be used in action names (for animation exporter)

Avastar-for-Blender-2.93 (2021-nov-01)

  • Cleanup: adjust templates versions to avastar 2.93
  • Change From Machinimatrix to Avalab
  • Retarget: Do not add any translation to bones during animation transfer. this should be coupled with the ‘use translation’ option
  • Retarget: Reference location added with wrong sign ? Odd bug… needs to be checked

Avastar-18-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-oct-25)

  • Fix: precision was set too low. This causes incom[patible meshes with older Avastar versions
  • Fix: the conversion on load failed, possibly because of a change in the Blender Python API
  • imp: Rename weld normals to align normals in user interface (to make more clear what happens

Included fixes from Avastar-17-for-blender-292

  • Fix: meshes are not exported in restpose but in current pose, leading to distortions on import to SL

Included fixes from Avastar-16-for-blender-292

  • 2021-10-18 20:35:36 +0200 wip: retarget: Several changes, still work in progress)
  • Fix: Add back correction for COG height above ground
  • Fix: rebind armature creates wrong meshes when meshes where bound with different bind shape
  • Fix: Weld Normals used old syntax (only relevant for Blender 3.0)
  • Fix: addon preferences: setting the flag for Locking Neutral shape has no effect
  • Fix: keep shape when rebinding, this issue may be related to the ‘baked gender’ patch
  • Fix: welding normals creates wrong normals when gender is set to male
  • Imp: add compatibility mode for male exports (avoid incompatibility with Avastar 2.79 and older)
  • Fix:the collada exporter always keeps the avastar rig selected after finishing,
    even when it was not selected before the export started
  • Imp: Retraget: move the miror retarget and the retarget clean operators further up for better usability

Avastar-15-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-sep-23)


  • Fix: Avastar’s limit weight count keeps the wrong vertex groups
  • Fix: Migrate rig using the option ‘apply ro&scale’ creates a tracedump
  • Fix: Retarget tool now takes care of scale, rotation, transfer and bone roll (roll support needed for mixamo)
  • Fix: make sure a pose gets transferred correctly when the bone mapping tool (see new) is enabled
  • Fix: When binding/rebinding the bindpose mode is not preserved for each individual mesh
  • Fix: Make Avastar compatible with Blender 3.0
  • Fix: Weight “Copy from meshes” unintentionally used hidden bone group selection from “weight from bones”


  • Imp: Display calculated animation runtime in animation export panel
  • Imp: Export: check broken associations between vertex and vertex groups (experimental, probably not needed)
  • Imp: Avoid jumping to edit mode while exporting a mesh
  • Imp: improve organization of the retarget pannel
  • Imp: Allow collada exporter to export when the armature is hidden and/or located in a disabled collection


  • New: Avastar pose library for retarget (wip, not yet used)
  • New: mixamo retarget preset has wrong bone mapping on the hands and arms
  • New: Add slider to control amount of simplification during animation export
  • New: Add color scheme for retarget bone pairs while interactive retarget tool is active
  • New: Added support for Animesh attribute in Rig preset
  • New: Added Skeleton type (to support Animesh Skeletons)
  • New: Added Animesh Skeleton Preset to the menu: Add-> Avastar -> …

Avastar-9 – Avastar-14 for-Blender-2.92

Please do not use these versions any longer. Please update to Avastar-15-for-Blender-2.92, see above.

Avastar-8-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-june-6)

  • New: Add option to copy weights only from selected bones
  • Fix: loading a shape from file does no longer work in Blender 2.93
  • Fix: When locking/unlocking all pose bones, nothing happens
  • Fix: Initial pose bone locks are wrong for the face bones
  • Fix:Walk cycle generator does not work when automatic visual keying is enabled
  • Fix:locking all animation bones also locks all deform bones
  • Fix: too many Animation bones are considered to be Lockable/Unlockable (in Pose Pannel)
  • Fix: Groin should be locked by default

Avastar-7-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-may-18)

  • Added support for mixamo animation retarget (assuming the mixamo rig is always the same)
  • Imp: Added hand structure bones as possible targets for the retargetmap
  • Fix: a comment was called with too few parameters, which can break the trasnfer of action data during animation export and animation transfer
  • Fix: if the user tries to assign ‘the current active bone’ to the retarget map when no bone is active, then avastar fails silently
  • Fix: The pivot icon in the Retarget map is slightly misplaced and barely clickable
  • Fix: exporting with bind shape resets the shape to white stickman
  • Fix: Unreported potential bugs due to bad code (it is unknown which bugs are fixed with those changes)
  • Fix Collada exporter: Mesh texture get node by name has a typo and can not work correctly

Avastar-6-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-may-08)

  • Fix: Update/Replace Avastar Rig fails when the armature has children of type EMPTY
  • Fix: New Avastars have the Shape Editor locked
  • Update: Avastar templates to newest Avastar version
  • Update: Avamesh to newest Avastar version
  • Fix: When selecting smooth weights when doing a copy weight from bone, the operation terminates with a stack trace
  • Fix: Animtion exporter does not use the correct values for the $fps, $start and $end vars

Avastar-5-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-may-01)

  • Fix: Clean weight groups removes mirrored weight groups created by Mirror Modifier
  • Fix: Option ‘Adjust volume bones to rig’ creates a tracedump in the blender console

Avastar-4-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-april-30)

  • Revert “fix: skeleton copy results in weird bone orientations” this approach did not work as expected
  • Fix:clean weights needs an armature to work

Avastar-3-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-april-21)

  • Fix: Pose bone selection changes without reason when switching workflows or switching between object modes
  • Fix: Adjusting avastar data on load can fail for (old) blendfiles caused by unexpected properties
  • Fix: Skeleton copy sometimes results in weird bone orientations
  • Fix: Clean weights actually does not clean anything
  • Fix: Smooth weights result in a trace dump

Avastar-2-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-april-05)

  • New: add smooth weighting after copy from meshes. Also remove obsolete functions
  • Fix: when migrating a rig, then also move unbound children of armatures
  • New:added filter to weight copy from meshes to show only the selected meshes
  • Revert: Remove support for Blender weight copy tool
  • Fix: Clean weight maps sometimes results in a stacktrace
  • Fix: snap attachment bones to rig (experimental feature) is broken
  • Fix: Bone use_connect state is not preserved when updating(migrating) a rig
  • Fix: developerkits with the character sequence ‘AVASTAR’ in the filename can not be loaded into the devkit manager

Avastar-1-for-Blender-2.92a (2021-march-15)

This is a bugfix release used for testing purposes. Please do not use in production!

  • Fix:Rig migrate tool never uses the bone groups from the new rig even when preserve bone colors is disabled
  • Fix: Blender crash when avastar tries to fix mesh in sculpt mode (might break other situations)
  • Fix:make Avastar weight copy tool faster (the old avastar weight copy tool is back but much faster than before)
  • Fix:rebinding multiple objects will rebind only one object and revert all others to previous shape
  • Fix:check tool ‘collada export can be done in this mode’ should allow export with hidden armature
  • Fix: do not apply transforms when importing rig from file. This needs to be handled by Avastar, not by the file improter
  • Fix: Smart Bone Connector potentially can destroy the rig structure when handling connected bones
  • Fix:Update avamesh to newest rig version
  • Fix: Tool Box User interface uses wrong references into Documentation
  • Fix:Update rig neeeds to also update animations (PelvisInv has been renamed to Tinker)

We also have a few improvements and a new Tool for finding bad weighted spots (no documentation yet)

  • Cleanup: Avastar custom Icons where too big
  • New: weight consistency checker (wip)
  • Imp: make copy bone weights much more efficient (10 times faster)
  • Imp: add explanation to hover text when collada export button is disabled
  • Imp: Select the just created armature as active object instead of reverting to old selections after reating or migrating an armature
  • Imp:add hover tooltips to the Avastar Presets

Release Avastar-for-Blender-2.92 (2021-02-25)

  • Fix: links to operator documentation
  • Fix: links to Help Documentation
  • Fix: Updated version numbers of Avastar Templates

Release Candidate Avastar-2.91-67 (2021-02-21)

  • New: Added Sparkle Shape based weight mirror copy to replace blender’s own weight copy tool
  • New: Cloth Template file (without Avastar rig)
  • New: separate IK settings in Rig Display panel into own sub section for IK Bone Groups
  • Fix: Copy Bone weights operator has outdated copy options
  • Fix: find unweighted vertices can result in a tracedump when the object selection contains non Mesh Objects
  • Fix: lower cheek bones go in wrong diretion when using the Face IK
  • Fix: (partial) links to Website documentation are outdated
  • Fix: create a warning when an object can not be made active instead of creating a traceback
  • Fix: Avastar internal fixes on loading a Blendfile must not be made on disabled collections

Release Candidate Avastar-2.91-66 (2021-02-15)

  • Fix: Armature pose bone visibility changes after rig replace and rig migrate

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-65 (2021-02-14)

  • Fix: Develoeprkit manager adds unnecessary extra armature modifier

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-64 (2021-02-11)

  • Imp: merge weights (undocumented feature) needs at least two bones to be selected in pose mode before it can do its job
  • Fix: Collada exporter creates empty collada file without warning when no meshes are exported
  • Fix: warning popup has outdated instruction for locating the rig inspector
  • Fix: apply bindpose during unbind fails when mesh has no shape meta data (can happen with rigs in older blend files)
  • Fix: unbind breaks parenting even when the break parent option is disabled
  • Fix:armature inspector displays senseless information when rig is not an Avastar rig
  • Fix: unparent sources breaks scaling, this has been seen in unbind and in update rig
  • Imp: Parent/child relationship can be kept intact when unbinding (option, default:break relationship like its done in Blender)
  • Imp: by default remove original meshes when freezeing an avastar mesh
  • Fix: armatures from old blendfiles forget some of their avastar properties during file open

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-63 (2021-02-06)

  • Fix: Update bind does not preserve original bindshape
  • Fix: avoid tracedumps when fitted mesh panel is open or when trying to rebind
  • Imp: visibility of icons and adjustments of icon colors

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-62 (2021-02-05)

This is mostly an update for improving (make it easier to use) the user interface

  • Fix: switching bones of bone pairs in Fitting sliders is now better displayed in user interface
  • Fix: when rebinding we now can preserve the original shape, or rebind to the new shape
  • Imp: Collada export issues are now reported more user friendly
  • New: Unbind can now disable unparenting (in operator redo panel)
  • Fix: Bone Locking functions (in posing panel) behave odd
  • Imp: Export Animations has misleading button label
  • Imp:Updated Button names for maintenance (avastar update)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-61 (2021-01-21)

  • Fix: Clean weightmaps does not clean maps when they contain only 0 values
  • Fix: Bindshape icon should only appear if bindshape is defined. Also bind_shape must be created when rebinding

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-60 (2021-01-21)

  • Fix: Typos in user interface
  • New: Added support for reset to bindshape in user interface
  • Fix: Animation settings are not correctly read from old blendfiles
  • Fix: remove empty box in user interface of weight copy tool
  • New: Change name convention for Avastar filename

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-59 (2021-01-21)

  • Fix: Weight Copy top Selected vertices does not work as expected
  • Fix: Weight Copy with the Smart Copy Map does not support copy to selected vertices
  • Fix: binding and setting bindpose partially broken
  • Fix: inconsistent behavior when fitted sliders are used after reloading a blendfile
  • Imp:Fitted mesh sliders are now significantly faster when fitting single vertices

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-57 (2021-01-21)

  • Fix: Fitting panel now works again as expected.
  • Fix: Disabled ability to use fitting sliders when mesh is in edit mode (needs documentation)
  • Fix: Make sure the mesh is updated when changing the fitted mesh slider valuess
  • Imp: Set shading type to SOLID when calling the fittied mesh preset
  • Imp: Hover text for fitting preset
  • Fix: Fitting panel: keep active vertex group after Smooth weights
  • Fix: Optimized FittingBone hover text
  • Fix: Fitted mesh panel: Keep active weightgroup seleted after fitting
  • Fix: Typo in fitted mesh popup text
  • Fix: Copy weight from meshes: mesh list display state not correctly set
  • Fix: Typos in hover text

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-56 (2021-01-16)

  • New: Added new Smart weight Copy tool
  • Fix: Weight copy: Clean maps does not work
  • Fix: Copy form meshes wrongly depends on which bones are selected
  • Fix: Last preset marker not set correctly for the Weight and pose preset
  • Fix: Smart Weight Copy tool now can also run with Blender < 2.92
  • Fix: Avastar now can be installed again on Blender 2.83 (lower releases probably work too)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-53 (2021-01-12)

  • Imp: make weight copy tools easier to understand
  • Fix: add back copy weights to selected vertices (needed because of a missing feature in blender)
  • Fix: Armature info falsely marks every rig as compatible to SL

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-52 (2021-01-12)

  • Fix:binding and weight copy panels now use same code
  • Imp: pose copy/paste buttons have misleading hover text

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-51 (2021-01-09)

  • Imp: Face weight Generator very confusing to use
  • Fix: make face IK insensitive to bone roll (needed for safe migration of bento rigs to newer versions)
  • Imp: mouth bones group bone color is too dark, changed to light grey
  • Fix:Avastar demo skin materials are too shiny

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-50 (2021-01-07)

  • Fix: face weight generator now preserves the selected bones and it displays the weight maps consistently
  • Imp: The Mesh Cleaner now cleans all selected objects instead of just the active object
  • Fix:face weight generator usage workflow broken

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-49 (2021-01-06)

Avastar 2.81-49:

  • Fix: Face weight generator usage workflow broken

Avastar 2.4-48:

  • Fix: Binding huge meshes becomes extremely slow and blocks Blender for several minutes.
  • Fix: Retarget adds the distance of source rig and target rig to the animation (COG location).
  • Imp: add Basic Avastar Preset, mostly used for Importing SL Animations.

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-47 (2021-01-03)

  • Fix: Upgrade/migrate/repair reverts the rig to white stickman instead of the original shape
  • Fix: In Tool Box: fix limit settings for weight maps does nothing
  • Fix: Move COG into place after changing sliders or after migrating or replacing the rig

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-46 (2021-01-03)

Improved functionality:

Imp: hover texts for better reading and typo fixes
Imp: rewording of hover text for manage System meshes
Imp: Tool Box completely reorganized
Imp: Added panel descriptions for Retarget and Rigging when there is nothing to do
Imp: Face IK state can now be keyed for animation
Imp: IK pole target adjustment
Imp: add initial rotation to arms when switchiong to IK based animation
Imp: Target orientation adjuster now places target to more convenient place (on arms only for now)
Imp: Order of IK buttons in Rigging panel
Imp: Clear target weights now removes selected vertices from all weight maps


Fix: Stacktrace when using the smart key tool on an empty action
Fix: Take care of unsupported data path when using the smart key tool
Fix: Weld Weights from rigged does not use the value changes from the Redo panel
Fix: Walk cycle generator operator is hidden when no meshes in rig
Fix: Walk cycle generator no longer creates new fcurves (it only needs to add keys to existing curves)
Fix: Blender crashed when adjusting shape sliders
Fix: Wrong operator description for bind to current pose
Fix: Avoid operator Tracedumps when no active object is in contect
Fix: Remove debug text from message boxes
Fix: System Meshes manager button label
Fix: System Meshes Manager did not correctly setup th eredo panel
Fix: IK Chain controls buttons did not work as expected

New and Removed

New: Added new workflow preset weight&animate
New: Walk cycle generator from Sparkles

Removed: Draw differences from edited Joints to Original location (will be added back later)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-45 (2020-12-30)

This release was never uploaded, all changes are combined with version 2.81-46 (see above)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-44 (2020-12-08)

  • Imp: (Binding) Allow binding only to visible bones. Alsoe the binding redo panel now allows an interactive binding
  • Imp: (Unbind) Show cleanup button only when there are properties to be cleaned up
  • Imp: (Export) make warnings/errors more readable when exporting to collada
  • Fix: (IK) Auto IK for tail and wings was missing
  • Fix: (Weighting) error when switching to Fitted workflow when a mesh is the active object
  • Update: (Versioning) library blendfiles and templates
  • Fix: (Anim Export) Proper update of animation settings
  • Fix: (Anim Export) reworded operator description for Action Synchronization in Animation exporter

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-43 (2020-12-08)

  • Imp: Smart Keying Tool has now a smart Redo Panel as well
  • Imp: use bigger shapes for the Wrist pose bones
  • Imp: use a proper Icon for the Smart keying Tool

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-42 (2020-12-07)


  • Smart Avastar keying tool (HOT!)
  • Add 2 new Fixing tools in toolbox (for weight limit and remove doubles)
  • Add back export option for exporting with textures
  • Add new section to Shape Editor for showing only sliders which affect the active obejct (active object can be mesh or Armature)

Fixed and Improved:

  • Imp: error message now displays the bad bones when Avastar detects weights on animation bones
  • Fix: move imports for profiling tool to the tool functions in order to avoid issues on linux (reported by user)
  • Imp:allow Shape Editor to be displayed either in N-Panel or in Properties panel or both
  • Fix:typos in user interface
  • Fix: rebind only rebinds active object when multiple meshes are selected

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-41 (2020-11-07)

  • Fix: old rigs need to unlock the Torso when Migrating the rig

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-40 (2020-11-07)

  • Fix: improve hover tooltip for the bone lock option when exporting an animation
  • Fix: locking the Torso bone during animation import results in torso shifted
  • Fix: colorize Fitted Mesh bones icon in workflow panel
  • New: Added option for fully automatic mesh rebinding (Disabled by default, is a bit of an experiment)
  • Fix: Added handler for check dirty mesh on load (avoids issues when saving a blendfile while a mesh is still edited)
  • Fix: colorized eye icons in rig display pannel

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-39 (2020-11-07)

  • Fix: Make sure the COG is not moved when upgrading a rig (needs more testing)
  • Fix: Make sure that Avastar recognizes when a rig uses old PelvisInv instead of new Tinker bone (users reported tracedumps)
  • Imp: Colorise bone icons in rig display panel
  • Change: Make triangulation on export optional
  • Fix: Align IK to rig sometimes produces very strange shifts in the pose
  • Fix: Update gender only when really necessary to avoid automatic updatShape call

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-38 (2020-11-07)

  • New: Added ‘lock bone scale’ (for edited joint) This is the same as what SL does when uploading with bone scales locked
  • Fix: in Edit mode Clean all entries in deforming vertex groups for selected vertices before calling the weight copy tool

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-37 (2020-11-06)

  • Fix: workaround for Blender bug https://developer.blender.org/T82455
  • Fix: Support for bone constraints to other rigs (mentioned in Dioscord)
  • Fix: spine fold/unfol does not adjust the bones as execpted
  • Fix: remove trailing dots in hover text messages (does not match with Blender sandard)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-36 (2020-10-24)

  • Imp: Added automatic shape control for developer kits
  • Fix: When copy weight from meshes the tooltips for hide and select have been interchanged
  • Fix: Blender 2.90 compatibility break affecting armature freeze and pose as bindpose
  • Fix: Typo in tool tip
  • Fix: Avoid import of Avastar materials when only the Skeleton is added to the scene
  • Fix: Tinker animation does not translate correctly to avatar animation in SL (need to include mTorso when Tinker is animated)
  • Imp: Make ‘Sliders editable’ a property of the Rig (was a scene property)
  • Fix: SL rigs for developer kits imported from Collada files do not work
  • Imp: find asymmetries use center is now default
  • Fix: Handle rigs with outdated PelvisInv correctly

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-35 (2020-06-21)

  • fix: remove scaling by pixel size, that might have been one of those changes made in Blender 2.8
  • fix: When updating rig with mesh_repair, then all Avastar meshes must be replaced and the original meshes must be removed
  • fix:allow editing of Pelvis bone in joint edit mode
  • fix: do not show warning about export in neutral shape when using bind pose (the neutral shape export is enforced anyways in that case)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-34 (2020-06-14)

  • Fix: mix up flags for “use male shape” and “use male skeleton” causing distortions
  • Fix: Make report of Animation export more clean in Console
  • Imp: Added extra icon to Bind section in Skinning pannel for better reading
  • Fix: Make sure that when bind pose is used and sliders are active, then the rig is exported in neutral shape
  • Fix: create a warning message when spine bones are missing (instead of creating error entries in the console)
  • Fix: remove duplicate freeze pannel from Avastar tool_box
  • Fix: make sure the preserved(during collada import) bind matrix is always used also for export,
    even when not using bind pose

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-33 (2020-06-14)

  • Imp: Print warning when trying to export a mesh with bind_data presets in other than Neutral shape
  • Fix: Animations in anim format broken (only works when hand morph is set)
  • Fix: Rebind meshes after fixing spine only if spine bones really have been adjusted
  • Fix: Dirty Mesh handling: marked meshes as dirty even when nothing changed.

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-32 (2020-06-07)

  • Fix: Line bones are not handled correctly when they have no parent (avastar is too restrictivce here)
  • Fix:custom gender icons do not show up in user interface (only after reloading addon, possibly blender issue)
  • Fix: when exporting an animation for an attachment, then allow to disable automatic hand morphs
  • Fix: log message creates misleading info
  • New: Added shape debug button to Avastat tools (maybe temporary)
  • Fix: make sure the rig properties are corectly updated after loading a blendfile
  • Fix: when loading the Shape editor also make sure the male switch is updated correctly
  • Fix: Handle situation gracefully when there is no active pose bone
  • Imp:Developerkit editor layout
  • Fix:export mesh without joint edits breaks when the joint edit map has been cleared

Daily build Avastar-2.81-30 (2020-04-24)

  • Fix: Fixed some links to document pages (wip)
  • Fix:Freezing single object does not use new name field.
  • Freezing multiple objects does not preserve active object
  • Freezing multple objects creates bad object names
  • Imp:remove Freeze&Bind operator from user interface
  • Fix:Extended BVH animations use mSpine 1/2/3/4 and not Spine 1/2/3/4 as bone names
  • Fix: The rig connection is not always preserved when updating a rig
    Fix: Animation importer now takes care of the pose bone rotatiopn_type
    and creates either quaternion fcurves or euler fcurves as needed
  • Imp:Binding now automatically enables show armature in edit mode
  • New: moved the Freeze Tool into the Skinning Panel
  • Fix:when calling the bone locator in the Joint Positions list widget, blender creates a tracedump
  • Imp: animation exporter: make tool tip more clear
  • Fix: internal error when baking a texture with the avastar texture bake tool
  • Fix:undo after adding a developerkit model undos 2 steps instead of just the developerkit action
  • Imp: Avatar male/female setting now more clear (and more like in the SL viewer)
  • Imp: Replace ‘load/save Avatar Shape to buffer’ by ‘Export/Import Avatar Shape to/from file’
  • Imp:Rename ‘Appearance Panel’ to ‘Avatar Shape Editor’
  • Fix: using icons during Addon init fails because icon setup is called too late in timeline

Daily build Avastar-2.81-29 (2020-04-19)

  • Fix:collada exporter forces Armature into Object mode
  • Fix:hand structure bones get not placed correct after apply pose as bind pose
  • Fix:Eyes and Alt eyes pose bones can be moved around with ‘g’

Daily build Avastar-2.81-28 (2020-04-17)

  • Cleanup: Make the check for dirty armature more efficient

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-27 (2020-04-16)

  • Imp: Added link to help page to export warning panel
  • Fix: Make sure that rebind Mesh also works when the armature is in pose mode
  • Fix: Shape keys are now synced when rebinding a Mesh
  • Fix: Take care to catch edits of Shape keys to indicate that a Rebind is neccessary
  • Fix: Custom Shape keys work again for Custom mesh
  • New: Added Auto Rebind option
  • Fix: Added improved error and warning panels for Collada exporter
  • Imp: Rebinding a Mesh no longer destroys shape keys
  • Fix:Added back missing selection for Render Type Selection during export (now apply modifiers)
  • Fix: Ensure Sliders get initialized to avoid issue while rebinding when sliders not yet enabled
  • Imp: Made rebind and Slider update a bit faster
  • Imp: Add optional pointer to website url when creating a warning or error popup
  • Imp: Changed Message text for Export warning

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-26 (2020-04-10)

  • Fix: Rebinding also needs to repair the Avastar metadata
  • Fix: add back auto IK constraints on limbs after bugfix in Blender 2.84.3
  • Imp:add alert marker to number of tricounts in mesh info panel when too many triangles in mesh

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-25 (2020-04-09)

  • Imp: Always reset gender to male before exporting
  • Fix: Enable Addon still fails when called from older Blender (< 2.83)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-24 (2020-04-08)

  • Avastar 2.81-24:
  • Fix: Allow binding of custom mesh to arbitrary Appearance shapes (needs a lot of user testing)
  • Fix: Only add avastar properties to meshes that are rigged to an Avastar Armature
  • Fix: Ffinger knuckles can not be unlocked for moving in pose mode
  • Imp: Indicate for freeze options that there are more ‘sub-options’ when selecting the base option
  • Imp: Added error IDs to some Message texts
  • Fix: When cleaning object the options ‘RigProp’ and ‘use_deform_preserve_volume’ are not cleaned up as expected
  • New: Add option to remove armature and all its children when freezeing object to static pose
  • Fix: Rebind and Freeze terminate with error if the mesh object is not contained in a Collection
  • Fix: Help document for rebinding has now its own page in the documentation
  • Fix: Various Avastar functions potentially crash Blender (cause: https://developer.blender.org/T75371 )
  • Fix: Update linebones crashing blender (same cause as above)
  • Fix: Crash in Freeze tool (same as above)
  • Fix: Weight maps get lost when freezing and exporting if mesh data has a data transfer modifier)
  • Imp: Tool tip for developerkit filepath
  • Fix: Disable unfinished support for Alph mask
  • Fix:When enabling IK the mesh gets distorted
    Avastar 2.81-23:
  • Fix: Update rig with mixed avastar meshes and custom meshes does not handle the avastar meshes correct
  • Imp: Make Rig Transfer/Update tool collapsible
    Avastar 2.81-20:
  • Imp: disable the data transfer modifier when exporting meshes (due to a bug in Blender)
  • Fix: converting an SL model to Avastar leaves the Meshes in a wrong rotation
  • Fix: The is_male option in the developerkit configuration panel is reset to female whenever a new developerkit model is loaded
  • Fix: Loading a developerkit with no SL head results in adding the entire Avastar mesh collection
  • Fix:install addon from within Blender uses an old API call
  • Avastar 2.81-18 daily build
  • Fix: avamesh textures broken
  • Fix: Freeze shape creates tracedump
  • Imp: check for dirty mesh now checks vertex locations

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-17 (2020-03-22)

  • Fix: Add Custom head mesh to Developerkit when option ‘with sl head’ is enabled
  • New: Allow to set male gender for sliders independent from skeleton gender
  • Fix: Bulk export of animations does not take into account the Basename template
  • Fix: (found with gianni devkit) update rig would rebind meshes with wrong transformations
  • Imp: rename panels to Rig inspector and Mesh inspector
  • Fix: loading new Avastar version from MAC fails with certificate error
  • Fix:Collada exporter rejects exporting meshes with empty material slots
  • Fix: New Mesh name is not always used when freezing and joining a set of meshes
  • Fix: binding a mesh to a shape that has changed the hover height of the armature, displaces custom meshes after first use of sliders
  • Cleanup: Remove currently not needed Assets from assets.blend
  • Fix: Creating an armature for a devkit should only create eyes and head mesh
  • Fix: Export collada does not apply modifiers
  • Cleanup: replace devkit by Developer Kit
  • Fix:Mirror Copy of weights only works when target weightmap exists
  • Fix: storing developerkit preset only possible when enabling ‘allow overwrite when loading of external presets’. This is a wrong dependency
  • Fix:height slider moves meshes to wrong location
  • Fix:Sliders must operate in Object mode
  • Fix: fitting sliders do not return object to its original mode
  • Fix: breath in/out is broken (Blender 2.80 change in python)
  • Gix: rebinding can cause an error, probably because outdated group object is reused
  • Fix: Freezing a mesh right after starting Blender sometimes creates an error in the console window
  • Fix: When freezing an object with KEEP original, the objects are wrong renamed
  • Fix: Bones are not always rotated as needed when transfering an SL Rig to Avastar
  • Fix: object selection from within the weightcopy panel and the skinning panel should not influence the actual select state of the objects themself
  • Fix: deleting an existing developerkit configuration fails with an error
  • Fix: the overwrite options for developerkit import and export are not used

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-7 (2020-03-08)

  • Imp: Reworked the developerkit panel
  • New: Added export/import Configurations to developerkit panel
  • Imp: Automatic hand rig configuration now uses whole finfer to define orientation of structure bones
  • Imp: Preserve Weights button now more clear labelled
  • Imp: Replace rebind/repair icon by a text button
  • Fix: login issues from Blender to machinimatrix on MAC
  • Imp: Possibly make updatShape a tiny bit faster
  • Imp: Automatic add location of hand structure bones to joint edits

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-4 (2020-03-04)

  • Fix: Logging in to Machinimatrix when on MAC (fix must be verified by user)
  • Fix: Issues with installing avastar
  • Fix: Add missing Avastar theme Preset
  • Fix: Update rig still has issues when hand bones are missing during Update Rig

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81-2 (2020-03-02)

  • Fix: Invalid Icon name causes tracedump when maitenance panel is open and user is logged in
  • Fix: Orphaned Armatures listed in Targetlist while retargetting a rig to Avastar
  • Fix: Rig Update fails when rig has no finger bones
  • Imp: User interface for the Weight Copy panel and the Skinning panel
  • Remove: Reference Skeleton Preset. (This preset can be created by users on demand)

Release Candidate Avastar-2.81 (2020-03-01)

  • Fix: when creating a reference rig, then the hand structure rig can not be adjusted (because no hand structure rig is available then)
  • Fix: Wrong placement of hand structure bones after slider changes)
  • Fix: Wrong preset for creating a reference Rig
  • Fix: Updating old Rigs breaks with wrong Theme id ‘THEME24’ (must be ‘THEME02’)
  • Fix: avamesh body is not a child of the armature
  • Fix: Updating old Rigs breaks with wrong Theme id ‘Theme24’
  • Fix: Updated Avamesh to newest rig version
  • New: Allow users to keep custom rig bone colors, or reset them to Avastar default colors (new option in update panel)
  • New: Protopet (work in progress)
  • Fix: Meshes are placed wrong during slider updates when the armature is not on ground
  • Fix: Copy weight from meshes does not use the selected meshes
  • Fix: “Reset to Restpose” breaks when used during editing a mesh object
  • Fix: set active collection to where the rig is located before updating (to avoid item mangling in collection set)
  • Imp: Allow user to decide if they want back Avastar meshes when updating
  • Fix: Rig update and Rig cleanup create wrong bone hierarchy for spine bones
  • Fix: Eye target size and distance should be based on eye distance instead of always be set to 2 meters away from eyes)
  • Fix: avoid scaling of Avastar meshes during update when Rig has a scaled Avatar_meshes container
  • Imp: Only reparent meshes for copy rig (update rig does not need this)
  • Fix: Developerkit manager: Avastar heads are not added to devkits
  • Fix: update breaks when meshes and Avatar_Meshes container are hidden in the viewport
  • Fix: Make sure that the hand rig is adjusted only when creating an extended rig
  • Fix: Avastar 2.80 does not recognize the rig type corretly
  • Fix: remove outdated rig attributes after loading an old Avastar rig from a blend file
  • Note for the experts: Fixing of Avastar rigs during loading does not work if the rig is appended or linked!
  • Fix: The Mesh Repair button resets the reference mesh instead of repairing it”
  • Fix: error during update rig when using ‘apply rot&scale’
  • Fix: COG Bone lost during Rig Update
  • Fix:parenting does not work as expected when Armature has location different from scene center
  • Fix: during update rig: objects are parented twice
  • Imp: Rig Update/Cleanup: apply scale&rotation only needs to run if mesh children actually have scale and rotation
  • Fix: Also removing Armature modifiers when unparenting a mesh from rig when updating a rig
  • Fix: Chid Meshes are wrongly scaled after updating rig (when apply Rot&Scale is selected)
  • Fix: do not apply Rot&Scale during rig update if no objects actually need this
  • new: Add Addon preference to disable “fix avastar data on load” (for emergancy cases)
  • Fix: Lock Torso location in Extended Rigs to avoid moving torso around with ‘G’
  • Fix: Make sure Spine bones are handled correctly when updating a BASIC Rig to EXTENDED
  • New: Added Avastar Support info button to maintenance panel
  • Renamed ‘Avastar Bento’ to ‘Avastar’
  • Fix: Objects are placed wrong when Armature has Object scale
  • Fix: retarget custom presets are now fully working
  • Imp: Hover tool tips for material baker improved
  • Fix: Create a new model from devkit only shows the Origin bone
  • Fix:Import animation sets all keyframes identical to last inserted pose
  • Fix: Adding a Shape Preset creates an error report
  • Fix: Creating a rig with the Developerkit manager used outdated data and failed”
  • Imp: Hand Structure Bones are now automatically placed (work in progress)
  • Known issue: the structure bones are replaced with every update,
  • hence if the structure bones have joint edits, the edits get lost.
  • Also there is a distance parameter that is fixed (for now) We might need
  • to make this parameter configurable depending on the hand topology.
  • Fix: Bind from meshes used hidden property from copy weights (causes weights to be ignored unintentionally)
  • Fix: Bind from Meshes did not always recognize select state in mesh list
  • Fix: create of default extended Avastar was broken. also update to Extended Avastar did not work properly.
  • Fix: toe hover is not calculated correctly when updating a Rig with Joints
  • Fix: Creation of a Basic Avastar creates a mixup with Extended Bones
  • Fix: enforce recalculation of the joint offsets for older rig versions
  • Fix: Eye bones are not visible after updating a BASIC Rig
  • Fix: When loading an old Avastar rig, the rigType is not recognized properly
  • Imp: make sure that reparenting a mesh will recreate the slider diefinitions
  • Fix: Make sure that changing a shape will redo the reference shape
  • Imp: take to not update sliders when Freeze is On (we are in the middle of an update)
  • Imp: do not update gender if already set correctly
  • Imp: Added better wording for hover tips
  • Revert: Added back removal of slider update function that was wrongly removed in previous update
  • Imp: Create Slider Data when it is not present (can happen during rig update and rebinding)
  • Fix: report when outdated rig was not displayed correct
  • Fix: apply Avatar Shape to rig causes subsequent odd issues
  • Fix: mark switch rigtype from 6 to 7 (changes in hand rig)
  • Imp: replace “invalid” by “undefined” in bone hierarchy report
  • Fix: preserve layer visibility during rig update
  • Fix: Fixed more issues with missing update shape after change
  • New: Added Reference Rig Preset (might be removed again later)
  • Fix: Loading shapes works, does not update the shape as needed
  • Imp: Warning in Avastar materials panel now rendered red with detailed hover text
  • Fix: wrong bone shape for hind foot bones
  • Fix: FootBall IK target for hinds at wrong place
  • Fix: IK Rig is shaking like crazy when posing
  • Fix: Torso can be posed at any location. Should be tied to COG.tail
  • Fix: Spine4 gets deleted when upper spine is unfolded
  • Imp: Make update sliders a bit faster when multiple meshes are involved
  • Fix: apply sliders after updating rig pose type (was missing)
  • New: Replace PelvisInv by Tinker
  • Imp: make spine controllers work on pure Avastar armature (without animation bones)
  • New: replace sum of weightmaps over all meshes by a list with weightmaps per mesh
  • Fix: wrong slider scaling
  • Imp: avoid unnecessary calculation when target is empty
  • New: Allow to configure if reset to SL Restpose will automatically lock appearance sliders
  • New:Added support for pure SL Rig (no animation ones, no IK bones, no constraints
  • Imp: Reworked Hand Rig structure bone locations
  • Fix: initial bone scale for Volume Bones was wrong calculated
  • Fix:IK Rig (stretchto now works as expected)
  • Imp:bone shape and size of FootBall bones
  • Fix: Location of footBall IK bones was wrong
  • Fix:foot pivot slider does not move the foot pivot
  • Fix: thumb controller behaves odd when IK is enabled
  • Imp: Make finger tips curl less when closing the hand
  • Fix: Create rig meta bones with correct data so that the Avastar rig can be constructed without extra fixing
  • New: Make avastar and sparkles licence GPL compliant
  • Complete Rework of the Rig structure
  • Fix:Order of slider sections reversed in user interface
  • Cleanup: Avatar definition files now match with the most recent viewer files
  • Fix: make animation panels visible (wip, animation retargetting does not work yet)
  • 2019-11-01 Fix: Create Avastar was broken (fix for Avastar-2.80-25)
  • 2019-11-01 Imp: Fitted Mesh sliders now behave much more intuitive.
  • 2019-11-01 New: Added new Workflow preset for fitted mesh
  • 2019-10-31 Imp: Fitted Mesh sliders are now more intuitive and have extended tool tips
  • 2019-10-31 Fix: Fitted mesh no longer worked correct after recent Fix
  • 2019-10-30 Fix: Selecting the bone partner from the Fitting panel when the active Mesh is in Weight Paint mode, resets the Armature to Object mode
  • 2019-10-30 New: Add selection for eye bones
  • 2019-10-29 Imp: Material baker should not show Avastar materials for custom meshes
  • 2019-10-29 Fix: red rebind button does not appear after editing a custom mesh
  • 2019-10-29 Fix: warning popup missing when trying to edit a system mesh
  • 2019-10-28 Cleanup: updated the templates to avastar-2.80
  • 2019-10-28 Fix: Face IK can not be unselected
  • 2019-10-28 Fix: remove broken constraints when uploading an old avastar (they get recreated when updating the rig)
  • 2019-10-28 new:Face Controllers now can be enabled/disabled like all other IK Controllers
  • 2019-10-27 new: make materials selectable only in material or rendered shading mode
  • 2019-10-27 13:10:26 +0100 fix:speed improvements, small tweaks on the user interface
  • 2019-10-26 Imp: Display of rig info panel better left aligned
  • 2019-10-26 Fix:Face weight generator breaks with wrong mode error
  • 2019-10-24 Fix: sliders unnecessarilly called callback handlers (Sliders veryt slow)
  • 2019-10-24 Fix: fixed Tracedump when addon is reloaded
  • 2019-10-21 Fix: Hands with up axis Y (namely Belleza Hands)
  • 2019-10-21 Fix: Wrong hover tool tip ‘Armature Maintenance’ now is ‘Rig Inspection’
  • 2019-10-20 Fix:object parenting and object version tag not set when using devkit manager
  • 2019-10-20 Fix: bone hierarchy display breaks when active object is a mesh
  • 2019-10-20 Imp: added colorful facerig
  • 2019-10-20 Fix: convert from SL to Avastar (needed for devkit manager)
  • 2019-10-19 Fix:linebone length after editing the Target location
  • 2019-10-19 Fix:Objects can not be reparented after binding (rebind button always red)
  • 2019-10-18 Fix: Adjust Custom shapes for Face IK, make constraints symmetric to avoid differences between rest position and pose position
  • 2019-10-18 Fix: Lip weights for Bento head
  • 2019-10-18 Fix: repaired face IK bone rolls and optimized constraint values
  • 2019-10-17 Fix: Handling of Avastar Materials
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: wrong reference in module after cleaning up the program
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: Store armature with joints broken after fixing freeze tool in 2.80-10
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: Reparent custom mesh has no effect
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: Fitting does not work because of 2.80 conventions (missing text=… in UI layout call)
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: added missing new parameter as_name (for recent commit)
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: Removed obsolete buttons for Hierarchy check tool. that is now in the Rigging Inspector panel
  • 2019-10-16 Fix: freeze tool broken after recent commit
  • 2019-10-14 fix:2.80 syntax: Added named parameter for creating new Vertex Group (compatibility issue)
  • 2019-10-14 fix:avoid error when pole angel can not be calculated
  • 2019-10-14 fix: When downgrading rig from extended to basic, the missing face rig bones cause an error
  • 2019-10-14 fix: reworked the removing of temporary objects (possible fix for Blender crashes)
  • 2019-10-14 fix:Added missing CustomShape for Chin bone
  • 2019-10-13 new: Added IK Face
  • 2019-10-12 fix: Report Extended bones in BASIC rig as Issue (rig check tool)
  • 2019-10-12 fix: Welding can not find weights on eyelashes
  • 2019-10-12 fix: compatibility issue: armature rig properties not recognized in old blend files (fixes Slink)
  • 2019-10-12 fix: Fitted Mesh presets have wrong Python syntax
  • 2019-10-11 fix: update from Basic to Extended now fixes all Spine bone locations and Hierarchy
  • 2019-10-11 fix: show valid and illegal deviations in the rig when using strict bone hierarchy check
  • 2019-10-10 fix:cleanup weightmaps now working reliably when only armature is selected
  • 2019-10-10 fix: show bone hierarchy moved to rig Inspection pannel and made more user friendly
  • 2019-10-10 imp: cleanup weightmaps is an armatuyre tool AND a mesh tool. Adjusted the Avastar Toolbox accordingl
  • 2019-10-10 fix: removed unnecessary placeholder for redo pannels for Avastar workflows
  • 2019-10-10 fix: Check hierarchy broken
  • 2019-10-10 fix: fitted mesh presets updated for Blender 2.80
  • 2019-10-10 fix: animation export for .anim format broken
  • 2019-10-09 fix: make avamesh developerkit compatible to avastar-2.80
  • 2019-10-09 imp: rename pannels and adjust pannel order
  • 2019-10-09 fix: adjust tooltip for update rig warning popup
  • 2019-10-09 fix: add PelvisInv to Leg IK bone group (make it yellow)
  • 2019-10-08 wip: make pelvisInv an IK Bone
  • 2019-10-08 fix:pelvisInv rotation goes wrong when lower spine is unfolded
  • 2019-10-08 fix:fold/unfold spine did enable/disable correctly
  • 2019-10-06 fix: wrong/misleading text in description for apply pose to rig
  • 2019-10-06 imp: changed icon for bone list in Appearance sliders
  • 2019-10-06 imp:added description function for Apply IK operator
  • 2019-10-03 imp:freeze shape now removes original meshes by default
  • 2019-10-03 new:Added copypaste pose icons back into 3D View header
  • 2019-10-03 imp:Slider support (going faster now)

For older changes see Up to Avastar 292