Simply Avastar

This page contains basic usage sequences with Avastar 2.81 You can work through these sequences to become familiar with Avastar.


Tip: When you are still learning...

We recommend that you always begin with creating a fresh new scene with File -> New. That way, if something goes wrong, you can restart blender and run through the routine as a test this time:

Tip: When something unexpected happens...

Restart the routine and note your steps. If you, indeed, get the same unexpected results, you may have found a bug. Please be so kind and report this to us in our discord help channel  for Avastar 2.81 issues. The Invite link to this channel is:

Avastar 2.81 Issues (Discord)



Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button


Sidebar on the right side of the 3D Viewport. You can open/close the N-panel by moving the mouse over the 3D Viewport, then press ‘n’ on the keyboard.


Press the SHIFT key while selecting parts (with the left mouse button)

Create a Complete Avatar

  • Add -> Avastar -> Complete
  • Switch
    from Display in Solid Mode
    to Display in Look Dev Mode:
  • Open N-Panel
  • Open Avastar Section
  • Open Avatar Materials panel
  • Select Female

Notes about the image:
– The 3D ViewPort should now look similar to the image.
– The Rig Display Panel shows the available bone sections.

Pose the complete Avatar

  • Add -> Avastar -> Complete
  • Open N Panel
  • Open Avastar -> Rig Display Panel
  • Disable Limit
  • Disable Face bone Display
  • Grab green bones and move Avastar into a Pose

… and change Hand pose

  • Open N Panel
  • Open Rig Display Panel
  • Disable Shape
  • Select the first green finger1 bones of the 4 fingers of a hand
  • Additionally select the first green thumb bone
  • On the keyboard: R x x¬† and then move the 3D cursor to open/close the hand
  • Press LMB(i) to finish the hand pose

Slider test

  • Add -> Avastar -> Complete
  • Open N Panel
  • Open Rig Display Panel
  • Disable Face
  • Open Avastar -> Shape Panel
  • Change Body -> Height:
    Note: While you move the height slider the character becomes smaller/bigger and the Feet keep staying on ground!
  • Change Nose -> Size
  • Change Nose -> Width
  • Change Torso -> Arm Length
  • Change Head -> Size:
    Note: The head size slider also changes the overall size of the other face components (nose, eyes, ears, etc)
  • Change Hand -> Size


  • Select the Section Changed
    to see something similar as displayed in the image aside:

Export a simple SL Clone

  • Add -> Avastar -> Complete
  • Optional:
    • Open N Panel
    • Open Avastar Tab
    • Open Rig Display Panel
    • Disable Face
    • Disable Shape
  • Edit -> Lock Object Modes (disable)
  • Select (and SHIFT Select)
    • the HeadMesh
    • the UpperBodyMesh
    • the LowerBodyMesh
  • File -> Export -> Collada (Avastar)(.dae)

Create a single Mesh SL Clone

  • Create a Bento Avatar (you can omit the posing, see above)
  • Open Object Properties
  • Open Avastar Materials panel
  • Select Custom (materials with grid texture)
  • Optional (verify materials):
    • Switch …
      from Display in Solid mode
      to Display in Dev Lock mode
  • Select (and SHIFT Select)
    • the HeadMesh
    • the UpperBodyMesh
    • the LowerBodyMesh

  • Open the Avastar tool Box
  • Search the Shape tools Section
  • Set
    • Original: Delete
    • Enable Join Parts
    • Enable Weld Parts
  • Freeze Selected

Create an A-posed Avatar

Create a single Mesh SL Clone as described above. The material setting is not important here.
Make sure your Rig is in Pose Mode.


  • Select ShoulderLeft (green)
  • R 40 (rotate 40 degree clockwise)
  • Select HipLeft
  • R -10 (rotate 10 degree anti clockwise)
  • Select AnkleLeft
  • R 10


  • Select ShoulderRight (green)
  • R -40 (rotate 40 degree anti clockwise)
  • Select HipRight
  • R 10 (rotate 10 degree clockwise)
  • Select AnkleRight
  • R -10

  • Open the Avastar Posing TAB
  • Scroll down to Rig Modify Tools
  • Click As Bind Pose

  • Open the Shape Editor Panel
  • Select The Torso Section
  • Move the Arm length slider
    You should see the arm length changes as expected

left: Arm length=0 Right: Arm length=100