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A few quick tips where you can find help for Avastar.

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How to get Help

What does Avastar provide?

Avastar basically supports the creation of animatable Models (Avatars&attachments) and the creation of animations. Therefore the tool adds various functions and user interface elements to Blender.

The full functionality of Avastar can be a bit overwhelming on first sight. You should be prepared to spend some time and patience to get it all working nicely for your projects.

We expect that you have basic knowledge about Blender.


Avastar is a complex addon for Blender,
And if you want to get the most out of it,
then it is evident to know how to work with it.
We have taken a few precautions to help you
get your tasks done with the tool.

And this video is about how you can get help
when you are stuck.

Well, first of all you find a growing number-of-documents on our Blog.
Of course you always can browse to our website
and find your way to the information.

But when you are working in Blender then you have
a few more options. We have added a link to
our Blog right into the Blender Help menu.
this link will open the main Avastar Help-page.

But there is another quick-step to our help system.
When you have an early version of Blender 2.64, then
you can right click on any of the Avastar action buttons
to open a selection menu. When you click on the Online-Manual
entry, then you will be guided to a context-sensitive

Whenever something goes really wrong during your work with
Avastar, then you will get a direct visual feedback at
several places. First-of-all, a message box opens up.
This box contains a more detailed description why things might
have gone wrong. And you always find a link to the Avastar
help pages too. Clicking on this Help-button will open the
corresponding help-page in your Browser.

A very brief summary about what happened can always be found
on Blender's Status line. Here you find summary informations,
warnings and error messages.

Blender also has an embedded Session-log. You can access it
by dragging the top-menu bar down a bit. There you
find a complete log of what happened during your
active Blender Session.

When Avastar encounters an Error, then you can always find
a corresponding error-report in the Blender console. With Blender 2.64
you can open the Console from the Window menu-entry in the main menu-bar.
When you use an older version of Blender,
then this button is located in the Help section.

Whenever you got stuck, and when the Help system does actually not help
you to solve your issue, then you still have a couple of other
possibilities to move on.

We offer a support forum on the machinimatrix-Blog.
Here you can ask your questions. And in most cases
you will get quick help to solve your issue.

In SL we maintain the chat group Blender-Avastar.
Joining this group is free for everybody. So even if you
have not purchased Avastar, then you still may get instant
advise or Help on Blender issues from there.

You also can send us an Email if that is your preferred
way to communicate.

so, we are doing a lot to get you informed, the documentation
is under constant review and it will be completed while we work
on the release of Avastar-1.0

For now we wish you a lot of fun and not too many issues,
have a great day, and maybe see you later in the chat group.