Beginners Page

Patience you must have…:

Please allow yourself to put time into learning Blender and Avastar. We recommend these external Websites:

gryllus (Neal Hirsig)

The Installation:

If you are new to blender then please follow the Installation guide precisely.

Avastar Installation Guide

Once you are familiar with the basics (or if you are impatient) then you can step forward to the Avastar Index page where you find many links to interesting and important information:

Avastar Index page

The Right Sidebar is your friend


At the bottom of the right page sidebar you find an expandable Hierarchy of Product documents.

  • Click on the +/- signs to navigate in the Hierarchy
  • Click on a title to open the document



Near the Top of the Sidebar you find the search Section. This section is organised into 3 parts:

  • Blog section filter
  • Search phrase
  • Category Filter

Use the Search, it helps!