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Author: gaia

Shapekey Copy

The specified gallery does not exist. The Shape Key Copy Tool Our Shape copy tool allows to copy shape keys from arbitrary meshes with similar shape to a target mesh. The source meshes do not need to use the same topology as the target mesh. The documentation will be provided as soon as possible. The tool is available with Sparkles-1.4. You can see the Tool in action in the 4th of the provided...

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Smart Mirror Weight Copy

The Shape Mirror Copy tool allows to mirror copy weights of a mesh with asymmetric topology (see image). Only the left/right side of your mesh must be at least comparable. (The mesh topology does not need to be exactly symmetrical, only the shape of the left/right sides must be similar)[break] When Sparkles Pro is installed in parallel to Avastar, then the smart Shape Mirror Copy tool is added to the already existing Avastar User Interface (see image). Motivation When you create characters for game engines then you often have to work with low polygon meshes. In many cases you will use precise left-right symmetry on your Mesh. And for this Blender already has a precisely working solution (vertex mirror copy). But as soon as your mesh is not exactly mirror symmetric, any attempt to copy weights from one side to the other fails, unless you switch from vertex mirror copy to topology mirror copy. However topology mirror copy does not work nicely for low polygon meshes. So there is actually no mirror copy tool available that works for low polygon (game engine) projects. The Shape Mirror Copy tool fills the missing gap. Note: The Weight mirror Copy tool only works when your mesh is rigged to an Avastar Rig. The tool only copies weights between the left and right side of your mesh. It is not capable to copy...

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