In a Nutshell

Sparkles is a growing collection of useful tools (sparkles) for Animation and creation in Blender. Sparkles has been created for Game developers who need to export their creations from Blender to a target system.

Animation Scale

This is a tool for Applying the Scale of an animated Armature also to the Armature’s animations. The problem shows up when you need to scale a ready made animated character. If the Animation contains location changes, then applying scale to the Armature will result in broken Animations. The Animation scale tool fixes this issue.


Timeline Copy

The Sparkles Timeline Copy Tool for timeline ranges with the additional ability to x-mirror all poses in a given time range. The mirror copy feature naturally supports the creation of Walk Cycles.


UV Face copy

Join multiple UV Maps into one single map. Useful when you have joined objects with different UV-Map names.

Weight Inspector

The Weights Inspector displays the number of weights per vertex by creating a colorized texture (using vertex paint)

IK Presets

The IK Constraint Presets makes it possible to create alternative reusable constraints sets for the same Rig. This can be used for example to model an age dependent mobility for different characters using the same skeleton

User Templates


The User Templates makes it possible to create your own blender templates and add them as template files to the Menu

File -> Open Template …


Smart Mirror Weight Copy


The Smart Mirror Copy tool allows to mirror copy weights of a mesh with asymmetric topology (see image). Only the left/right side of your mesh must be at least comparable. (The mesh topology does not need to be exactly symmetrical, only the shape of the left/right sides must be similar)

Shape Key Copy

Our Shape copy tool allows to copy shape keys from arbitrary meshes with similar shape to a target mesh. The source meshes do not need to use the same topology as the target mesh.


Weld Normals

The weld Normals tool is made for fixing normals of adjacent objects to let the surface  appear seamless.


Frequently asked Questions

Q: What do i get?

  • A Download link to the software (Sparkles Addon for Blender)
  • Access to our Bug Reporting System
  • 1 year of product updates1

1: You can continue to use the addon after your year is complete. Renewal adds a new year of updates.

Q: Where can i buy?

In Secondlife (Linden$)
Jass Shop in SL

On our website (Paypal)
Sparkles Product Page

Q: How does Sparkles relate to Avastar?

Sparkles is designed as standalone tool for general game development! It does not depend on Avastar, but it is tightly integrated

Sparkles can be seen as an companion for Avastar.

So and now ?

Go sparkling.