The User Templates makes it possible to create your own blender templates and add them as template files to the Menu[break]

File -> Open Template …


Sometimes all your projects may use the same standard setup. So you could define your special Start Page and every time when you create a new blend file you would get all you need right away. But we found it more convenient to have multiple Start pages from which we can select one as needed. Also users can actually exchange start pages and designers who provide cloth construction kits for their mesh characters can even provide their own startpage to the users.


In the Sparkles Pro installation panel you find one user input field named user templates. Here you specify a directory anywhere on your computer. This directory contains template subfolders, one subfolder for each template. Within the template folders you place your template specific startup blend file. All template subfolders will be added to the list of blender known user templates. The list opens up whenever you call

File -> Open Template ..


A typical file layout may look like this:

    - makehuman
      - startup.blend
    - suzanne
      - startup.blend


The layout above defines two templates named “makehuman” and “suzanne” where the corresponding startup.blend files contain the specific settings.